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“Why do you love working for Partners In Housing?”

Working for Partners in Housing has been the most satisfying part of my 30 year career in public housing.  Here at PIH we all have different idea's but we work so well as a team to achieve the same goals, to provide housing and services to help those in our community in need. It is very exciting when one of our residents stop us to say thank you and tell us that if it wasn't for PIH they wouldn't have been able to get a job or been able to apply for other services in our community. PIH is a true asset to the City of Indianapolis.
- Jay Byars, Maintenance Tech - 

Because we care so much about what we do, and who we serve. It inspires me daily!
– Kait Baffoe, Manager of Real Estate Development –

We rarely get moments in life when another person’s happiness can be deemed greater than our own. Giving someone keys to their own apartment after years of being without, is one of those moments.
– Nicole Britt, Community Manager –

Working with great people who share the mission – of advocating for, and helping shelter the most vulnerable in Indianapolis.
– Corbett Troyer, Director of Support Services –

Advocating for the people we serve and getting results. 
– Susan Dockery, VA GPD Case Manager –

The camaraderie with my co-workers and colleagues makes it a joy to come to work each and every day!
– Troy Drake, Resource Coordinator –

It’s about “doing life” with individuals in our community.  PIH offers the opportunity for staff to motivate those in our community that have a broken past toward hope and positive self-esteem.
– Tim Jacobs, VA GPD Case Manager -

We all the same mission in mind and a strong desire to help better our community, but we also have a different view of how to make that happen. Listening to my peers has been a growing as well a teaching opportunity and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
- Heather Hamm, Director of Property Operations - 

I love working at PIH because when I leave for the day, I nearly always feel like I have made a difference. I love my coworkers too. I have never worked with so many people who are genuinely decent humans.
- Mindi Brown, Resource Coordinator - 

I love working for PIH mainly because of the other people who work here.  It makes me want to do my best when I see everyone else striving to make our mission come to fruition.  I learn something new every day, and at the end of the day it feels good to know that what we do is help people that most others have given up on.  It is also very humbling because working here reminds me how lucky I am to have a job, a roof over my head, and people who love me!
- Emily Holland, Financial Assistant - 

This isn't just a job, it's a service to my community.  We keep over 500 people housed everyday and I am proud to work with a team that is so supportive of our residents and of each other.
- Cindy Tow, Advancement Manager - 

I enjoy seeing the work we do come in the played with the growth of all residents that we house.
- Khadijah Omar, Resource Coordinator -