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Mission & Core Values

Our MissionPartners in Housing Banner

The mission of Partners In Housing is to provide affordable housing to people who most need a stable place to live, while giving them support and a chance to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency.

We define our target population as people who: 

  • have experienced homelessness (chronic or situational);
  • are actively at risk of homelessness due to a history of multiple challenges, such as extremely low income, minimal or no support network, chronic illness, disabilities, and other special needs;
  • or are vulnerable due solely to extremely low incomes, even though they may have a support network and have no other significant risk factors.

Our Core Values

  • People have the right to housing that is decent, safe, and affordable.
  • Everyone has strengths and abilities and can improve their lives.
  • We have a responsibility to our residents and to the community.
  • Our organizational strength is enhanced by the partnerships we establish in the community.

What We Do

Partners In Housing identifies a property that has been abandoned and neglected, then puts together a plan to purchase, completely refurbish, and transform the property into residential units for those most in need of stable housing. Our organization will then partner with other local agencies to create an array of social services designed to support and strengthen those residents. Partners In Housing currently has 12 properties with 541 housing units, serving more than 600 people daily.


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