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Our Mission

We help people reach their potential through creative housing solutions.

Over 75% of our residents come directly from experiencing chronic homelessness. All of our residents are at-risk without intervention (that's us!). Our residents face barriers, like past trauma, physical and mental disabilities, and addictions. We do everything in our power to assist our neighbors in overcoming their barriers to reach their true potential. Whether it's through Promise to Pay arrangements, Support Services intervention, or connection with outside resources, we do one thing really well: we get people inside and keep them there. 

Our Values

Action Oriented

Problem Solvers





Team focused

We ask questions when we have them and we're not afraid to be wrong. We take steps to solve the problems we see in our community. We search for the root cause and work tirelessly to come up with a solution. We assume the best in everyone, from our residents and team members to our community leaders. We approach every challenge with enthusiasm and optimism. We want to end homelessness for good. 


All of this really means one thing: we care.

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