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Our Mission

Partners in Housing helps those experiencing housing instability reach their potential and achieve self-sufficiency by connecting permanent supportive housing, intensive case management, and wrap around services.

At Partners in Housing, we provide affordable and permanent supportive housing to individuals experiencing housing instability or chronic homelessness. We serve individuals that face a multitude of barriers, including past trauma, physical and mental disabilities, and addictions. More than 75% of our residents have experienced homelessness, with many of these people experiencing chronic homelessness. In fact, all our residents are at-risk without intervention. Our staff, board, and volunteers do everything in our power to assist our residents in overcoming their barriers to reach their true potential. Through safe and descent housing, intensive support services, and dedicated staff, we strive to take our residents' strengths and abilities and encourage them use those skills to improve their lives. We believe that we have a responsibility to our residents and our community.

Our Values

Action Oriented

Problem Solvers





Team focused

We ask tough questions. We take steps to solve the problems we see in our community. We search for the root cause and work tirelessly to come up with a solution. We assume the best in everyone, from our residents and team members to our community leaders. We approach every challenge with enthusiasm and optimism. We envision a future where homelessness is rare and brief.


All of this really means one thing: we care.

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