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Image by Kevin Schmid

12 buildings.
572 units.
600+ people housed. 

the solution to homelessness
begins with housing
and starts with services

Over 100,000 Hoosiers are at risk of homelessness.
7% of leases signed in Marion County end in eviction.
17,856 Marion County public school children experienced homelessness in 2017.
it costs indianapolis taxpayers $20,571 per person to leave someone on the street.

We help people reach their potential through creative housing solutions.

At Partners in Housing, we believe that the solution to homelessness begins with housing and starts with services. That everyone has a right to safe, decent and affordable housing. That housing creates opportunities and always comes first. That everyone has strengths and abilities they can use to improve their lives. That we have a responsibility to our residents and our community. That we can strengthen that community through partnerships.

1st, 2nd and 3rd chance housing

We don't do credit checks. We accept prior evictions. We're felony friendly.

Services for all

Every resident has access to support services--from crisis management to community life.

Eviction Prevention

We have one goal: prolong tenancy. We're committed to getting people inside and keeping them there.

housing first

We operate on Housing First principles. We believe that housing isn't something to work your way up to or earn. We'll meet you where you are to get you inside. 

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